Tiling and Plumbing

Tiling and Plumbing covers basic tiling jobs around the house - new tiling or replacing broken or cracked tiles. Our plumbing service covers such things as unblocking pipes, replacing faulty tap washers and ball valves, through to installation of washing machines or dishwashers to existing plumbing fittings.

We undertake the following types of work:

  • Tiling and Grouting. Tiling and grouting jobs in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or utility room.
  • Cracked or Broken Tiles. Replacement of cracked or broken tiles.
  • Silicon Sealant. Replacement of silicon sealant in kitchens, utility rooms, baths, showers, and wash basins.
  • Unblocking. Unblocking pipes, drains, sinks, basins, bath, and shower.
  • Flush WC Mechanism. Repairing or replacing flush toilet systems.
  • Taps and Tap Washers. Replacing taps and tap washers.
  • Bleeding Radiators. Bleeding radiators to remove trapped air thus improve heating efficiency.
  • Ball Valves. Replacing or repairing of leaking ball valves in cold water storage systems.
  • Installing Washing Machine or Dishwasher. Installing a new washing machine or dishwasher to existing plumbing fittings.

Please note, we are unable to undertake the installation of new plumbing systems or repairs to gas appliances and fittings.

Contact Us for any Tiling and Plumbing installation or replacement services you require.