Doors and Windows

Installation and replacement of door security equipment, letterboxes, cat flaps, window and patio door locks, children’s window guards, and window draught excluder.

We undertake the following types of work:

  • Hanging Doors. Hanging new doors or re-hanging existing doors. Door reversals to give additional space.
  • Door Easing. Planing doors or fitting rising butt hinges to clear obstructions encountered when fitting new floor coverings.
  • Casement Windows. Replacement of window hinges. Easing sticking windows.
  • Cupboard Door Hinges. Resetting or renewing cupboard door hinges.
  • Letterbox. Installation of new or replacement letterbox.
  • Door Locks and Security Devices. Fitting new or replacement door locks including barrel or ‘Yale’ type locks, lever locks, security bolts, hinge bolts, security chain, and security ‘spy hole’.
  • Cat Flap. Fitting of cat flap or dog flap to external door including security devices.
  • Door Draught Excluder. Installation of draught excluder to doors.
  • Door Handles. Fitting new or replacement door handles.
  • Door Stop. Fitting door stops and door closers.
  • Window Security Bolts. Fitting or replacing window or patio door security bolts.
  • Children’s Window Guards. Fitting or replacing safety guards to prevent children falling out of windows.
  • Window Draught Excluder. Fitting or replacing window draught excluders.
  • Secondary Double Glazing. Fitting or replacing window secondary double glazing.

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