Design Services

Want to make the most of your interior or exterior living space?

Stuck for ideas on how to utilise space in your home or garden?

Do you have an idea but need help realising it?


Simply Handy are up for your challenge with our experience in interior and exterior design and build projects.

Our interior and exterior design services include:

  • Designing your project for you to construct.
  • Undertaking the complete end-to-end design to build your project for you.
  • Advice and guidance, together with sourcing suitable materials, to make your project as cost effective as possible.


We have undertaken interior design projects from built-in cupboards and walk-in wardrobes, to custom designed bed frames. Exterior project examples range from a simple well cover to prevent young children falling in, to storage units for house refuse bins and recycling boxes.


The partnership of your concept and the experience of Simply Handy can turn your idea into reality.


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