Home Furnishing

Home furnishing covers the fixing of curtain poles, rails, or tracks and/or hanging curtains, mounting of TVs and ornaments on walls, assembly of flat-pack furniture, and the putting up of various fixtures and fittings throughout the home.

We undertake the following types of work:

  • Curtain Rails, Poles, and Track Fitting. Fitting curtain rails, poles, and tracks, including bathroom shower screens.
  • Bathroom Accessories. Fitting of toothbrush holders, soap dishes or dispensers, toilet roll holders, towel rails or rings, tumbler holders, glass shelves, grab rails, hooks, light pulls, mirrors, retractable clothes lines, shower caddies, wall mounted shower seats, and wall cabinets.
  • Kitchen Midway Systems. Fitting of tube system between wall and floor mounted cupboards to hang accessories such as spice racks and cookbook stands.
  • Kitchen Shelves and Wine Racks. Fitting additional wire shelves, corner carousels or wine racks into existing kitchen cupboards. Assembly of free standing wine racks.
  • Kitchen Towel Rails. Fitting of fixed or pull out towel rails or rubber towel holders in the kitchen or utility room.
  • Coat Racks. Installation of wall mounted coat and hat racks.
  • Black-out Blinds. Fitting black-out curtains or blinds in children's bedrooms.
  • Curtain Hanging. Hanging curtains and drapes in all rooms including shower and net curtains.
  • Plasma and LCD Wall Mounted TV Installation. Installation of wall mounted LCD or Plasma Screen TVs.
  • Hanging Pictures, Mirrors, and Ornaments. Hanging of wall mounted pictures, mirrors, and ornaments.
  • Flat-pack Furniture Assembly. Assembly and positioning of flat pack furniture. We have particular experience in the assembly of IKEA furniture and garden furniture sets from garden centres.
  • Fireguards Fitted. Wall attachments installed and aligned with hooks on the fireguard to ensure that the fireguard is secure and that a child cannot move it.
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